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to writing and second life

July 26, 2007

I love to write. I love Second Life. If I put the two things together, and throw in a wonderful SL partner who gave me a wonderful opportunity to live my dream, what do I have?

Hodge Podge Variety, the first truly variety magazine in Second Life. Just as I thought I might as well abandon my dream, Second Life has provided me an avenue to pursue my dream of writing and living a life only one could dream of in reality. The myriad of people, places and events in the virtual world has awaken my enthusiasm to write.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be creative in everything that I do, and I feel more alive and I feel that my Second Life now has a purpose beyond dancing, partying, conversing, and roaming. I now have the opportunity to impact Second Life and its residents through the publication.

I have grand plans for Hodge Podge Variety, and I am searching for people who can see the potential it brings and the joy it will be for residents. I intend for it to be a portal that will link places and events to people, enabling them to get themselves more involved. For it is an eventful world in Second Life, and we got to live it the way we ought to live it–in style.