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The vandalizing of SL

September 20, 2007

I am an architecture freak. I am also spiritual, so it is no surprise that churches, cathedrals chapels, mosques and other forms of worship places makes me excited because of its intricate architecture. No matter what other groups may say, erecting magnificent and opulent churches for God is a great sign of devotion and respect for our creator who created our RL earth so perfect and pristine for us to enjoy.

The first time I teleported at Catholica is also the first time I see a place being griefed. One church was laden with the male sexual organ, it was embarrassing for a lady like me to see such things.

Griefers, I found out are not a new in SL. Even when it was in its early stages, and with only with payment info accounts allowed at that, griefers prowl the SL universe. It’s hard for me to understand why griefers exist. Is it to torment us? Is it a joke? Don’t they have better things to do?

It’s bad enough to be staying in SL just because one has nothing else to do(hey let’s admit it,lol!), but to grief because there’s nothing better to do is worse.

Griefing the 9/11 Memorial is the last straw. It was a sad day for everyone involved, and a day to commemorate people who sacrificed their lives for us, to remember the ones who died too early, too soon….only to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all over the memorial.



love and relationships, sl style

September 4, 2007

How easy is it to find love in Second Life?

Answer: REALLY EASY. In Second Life, it is MUCH easier to interact. We are protected by time and distance and shielded by the anonymity that the internet provides. So you can do flings, one night stands, rapid romances and the like without much guilt or worrying over consequences.

The freedom that SL gives individuals makes romancing very easy. to start with, getting to your date venue is very easy….TELEPORT. In normal SL conditions, it is easy to get to one place to another. There is no traffic, no pollution, no pesky perverts who ogle you at the train or subway. If there are people in SL that would ogle you, you wouldn’t know, unless they IM you to let you know of that fact.

The pressure to look good in RL is high in order to score a decent date for the night or til death do they part. It has been established that love isn’t blind in RL, and SL is no exception, however it is easy to dress up…unless you have plenty of clothes in your inventory, it would only take you 2 minutes to change. It is really easy to look great, sexy and seductive for that date. Same goes for males, in which, here in SL have more freedom to exercise their right to great fashion without losing their manliness.

In relation to this, tweaking and changing your appearance is easy and free. A slide there, a slide here, and viola, bigger breasts! cuter nose! sexy butt! kilometric legs! A brown eyed gal can turn into a blue eyed vixen donned in formals by *name of favorite designer*!

After dating and dancing, and long IMs in the midst of sharing an amazing sunset at your secret place, after the amazing SL sex, when something feeling much deeper comes, how does one go about it in SL? How does one maintain a happy, fulfilling SL relationship? When one has done the partnering and the tearjerking SL wedding, how does one prevent an SL divorce or keep a promising relationship from losing fizz?

When deeper emotions comes into play in an SL relationship, then it becomes as hard as RL. There are people in SL who keeps it into SL, but when RL feelings get into play in SL relationships, how do we draw the line? Better question, do we draw a line between SL love turning into RL love?

Now that’s a big SL debate.