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alone again…

December 30, 2007

So my partner and i have called it quits. Actually to be honest, I called it quits. It was not working out as well I have expected and he hasn’t been in SL for quite some time now. I don’t need to be partnered with someone when most of the time I’m not with that someone anyway.

Lately, I’ve been hanging out with everyone except with him, and I’ve been working on the magazine also without no help from him.  Everything used to be him and me, partners in love and work. However, lately, RL interfered between us and he cannot squeeze in SL to his already busy schedule.

Time and distance ultimately drove us further apart.  Along with other issues I cannot resolve, his issues also contributed into the falling out.

It just wasn’t in the stars for us.

Good bye, Delta Meriman. Thank you for everything.