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The stealing must END!

February 21, 2008

I have an admiration for those who create in SL. All kinds of creators, for it is simply a gift that one has when she/he is able to create something from Photoshop, Poser, Maya, LSL, or all of the above. Their creations has enriched my Second Life, and has greatly given me happiness in a way that no ordinary person can understand.

Such people who give such an effect in SL ought to be protected. Their talents and contribution to SL IS ONE OF THE REASON why Philip Linden was able to accept a Technological Emmy. They are an important and integral part along with the Lindens who develop the canvas for them, our virtual artisans. Them who are able to magnify and broaden the features that they have given SL, show and translate its power and capacity in a way that many people can appreciate.

Stealing original content is no longer an issue to be ignored by Linden Labs. When designers and content creators are now boycotting and ceasing to release their new creations in world, the first thing that this action will affect will be the ECONOMY in SL. The SL economy THRIVES on content being sold by content creators and the flow of linden dollars around the grid and its residents will be diminished just as the gambling ban and banking ban in SL has done. If others were saying that SL is in recession, it will be up to more recession when the time comes that people won’t have a lot of options to buy in SL because most of the content in world are old and designers will refuse to create and people will just stop buying because they have most of the things in their inventory anyway.

It would be the ultimate insult and lack of compassion to our beloved content creators if LL will still turn a blind eye and not act against those who steal what is being created in SL. For most artists and designers in the grid, SL is like a museum, and the grid contains plenty of Picassos, Van Goghs, and Matisses that use SL’s powerful interface to create stunning art that can either be worn, lived, in, sat on, made love to, and appreciated. The driving force behind SL are those who create and contribute, and has turned SL into one of the best VW where one can turn to. Simply put, where else in cyberspace can you find a world where one can create things almost so easily? Where can one be at his/her most creative and Godlike?

In SL.

A typical museum has security measures to prevent thieves from stealing the museum’s contents. SL, in my analogy above, DOES NOT HAVE A SECURITY SYSTEM AGAINST CONTENT THIEVES. Linden Lab must understand and take into heart the analogy above in order to understand the creative residents’ plea for more security. If they already recognize the sobering effect of the designer’s strike and not take action, SL will soon be a place devoid of true creators and artists, and will be a place of mediocrity instead. Creators won’t be encouraged to grow and thrive when they are not secure in their chosen medium.

Then again, lack of action and silence can be perceived as calculation, nothing like this has happened in SL before, much more in other virtual worlds. This is also yet another stumbling block and challenge similar to what caused the bank ban and the gambling ban. Ultimately, real life is catching up in SL, and Linden Lab is in a precarious position because first of all, they want to maintain the values that has been in SL for the last 4 or 5 years.

Perhaps a solution is at looking at the Creative Commons model or Patent Creation and molding it to work in SL and make it work in a way that content thieves can be punished directly, or maybe get the minds behind the Creative Commons and patents concept to talk with Linden Labs and make a solution. Perhaps its about time that the CC expand its services and enter the 3d internet. SL’s permissions procedure may have worked before when there was not too many people in the grid looking for a way to a quick buck and that there are still people who value integrity, but nowadays the system must evolve to combat the growing population and the inevitability for content thieves to flourish.

Now that perhaps is an idea, and maybe we don’t even need the Lindens to do this for us.

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SL’s group tag limit woes

February 14, 2008

SL’s group tag limit of 25 is a headache for people like me who need to be keep up with the events all over Second Life. Even with Subscribe-O-Matic around, SL’s group notice feature remains to be the most important tool everyone in SL relies on. The setting up of groups only cost 100L$ compared to the Subscribe-O-Matic’s monthly rates that depends on the # of subscribers one has.

Don’t get me wrong, but the Subscribe-O-Matic is a GREAT tool, if only a lot of people can afford it.

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