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A home away from home in SL Dublin

March 21, 2008

The Blarney Stone Irish Pub

On the last day of St. Patrick’s Day, I went to Dublin In SL. I had missed the parade they had over the weekend, and I was looking for material to put for HodgePodge Variety. Seeing that there won’t be any major event that I can attend, I decided to feature Dublin in SL in travelogue style. First thing I went to check on was The Blarney Stone.

I remember my early days in Second Life hanging out at The Blarney Stone Irish Pub. It was a bustling pub then that reminded me of that American comedy show called Cheers. The style was similar and it gives out a homey, I-know-everyone-in-here-and-I-can-wear-my-cheap-duds-here-and-not-be-taunted vibe. I went there, stayed for a Guinness and came back the next day, this time dancing to Irish and Brit rock, then sitting on the barstool and taking in a pint of Guinness again. I came almost everyday, take my friends there, and they would have a similar experience with me.

I was there often enough to know one of the bartenders. Smitty was his name I think. He was popular for sending out a trick glass that once you wear you drop from your chair and doze on the floor. I was a victim of that trick glass and I soon victimized some of my male SL admirers with that trick glass, and Smitty would be too glad to be part of the game.

There was a time when someone who was a regular in Blarney’s whose house in RL got burned down, and so those who knew her very well in SL had organized a fund raising drive for her to be able to buy clothes and other necessary stuff for RL. Everyone pitched in and helped.

Then work in SL came, and RL got in the way, along with my attachments with my husband and business partner. Before I knew it, it had been almost a year, HodgePodge Variety has long set sail, my partnership dissolved, and I was out looking for something to do and just as well feature for the magazine.

The Blarney Stone still was the way I remembered, although I don’t see Smitty, the place was full, and not just because it was St. Patrick’s Day. Many kinds of avatars come to The Blarney Stone for the conversation, the camaraderie, the Guinness and the Irish music. I was the only one slightly different, slightly changed, but the comfort I felt coming back meant that the avatar that I used to be then is still there deep inside.

Craving for some Guinness and dying to dance a jig.

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