Thoughts on other people’s post

May 15, 2008

Here is a revealing reflection on the changes of social norms in SL from someone who was inworld before I was.

In retrospect, when I first came in, I could still feel the community spirit in SL, there was still a slight sense of Utopia in SL, where one must respect an avatar’s right not to reveal their real life information, their preferences inworld (for example if they choose to be a man or a furry in SL), etc.

nowadays there are more people who come in lacking social graces or manners or a sense of right and wrong (content theft runs rampant nowadays, harassment and discrimination of furries) and basically trying to make SL like real life complete with what you hate about RL (racism is also starting to be abundant in SL as well).

here you are with a platform called SECOND LIFE, and even if your real life is perfect and dandy, would you want to be 100% yourself in a place where you can fly, dress up in magnificent clothes not possible in real life couture, change skin, or gender?

now that is a very deep question for someone who has been in SL for quite some time. even if your real life is looking very sunny and all your finances are in place, what can something like Second Life do for you? we can see the attraction of SL to those who is having a hard time in their RL in order to escape, they see SL as a chance to be what they cannot be in RL. are those in SL with perfect or stable RL in here for the same thing?


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