Good bye to The Sojourner

May 26, 2008

SL to many people is more than the ability to have an outrageous life, date and hurt women with no impunity, engage in wild and weird sex, and be creative in many ways. Many people in SL rarely know that communities such as Heron Sanctuary, Health Info Island, Relay For Life and other groups exists.

Along with not knowing such groups exist is not knowing that there are avatars who are more than meets the eye. In my time inworld, I have met some people who are exceptionally human, unique, and multifaceted. Those avatars truly enhance the metaverse we know and love, and as someone who seeks to write about SL’s many people, places, and events, I am often floored to meet people who managed to use SL for more than their ticket to creativity, friendship, and love. For me, it is a shame when not many people make an effort to explore and get to know SL and limit its use. For people, in their creativity and their yearning to reach out, has managed to make SL so much more. A rich platform of ideas, community, support and a voice of advocacy and causes.

The Sojourner is one of those personalities in SL that proves that SL is so much more. A prolific avatar who is very active in many support groups, a loss of a person like her is a big loss to SL. The colorful and diverse tapestry that consists of SL’s residents has lost a shining example on how to effectively use SL for great good.

I regret not having to spend more time talking to her, and in moments like this, I often feel sad that I can no longer learn from her. A lot of people in SL can be avenues of wisdom and epiphanies, and talking to Soj must have been no exception.

SL will miss such a wonderful soul.


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