Letter for Mr. Kingdon AKA M Linden, our new CEO

May 30, 2008

I am not sure if you can read this post Mr. Kingdon, but I’d like to try posting it anyway..:)

First of all, thank you for accepting what can be the most challenging job in your lifetime. We are a vibrant community in SL and we love and truly enjoy the world that LL brought to life throughout the years. A product like this is absolutely tricky technically, and many repurcussions are present, but the tremendous opportunities and the great rewards that follow overcomes it.

As someone posted above, SL already has a TV network, in fact there are three networks as of now. We also have a thriving publishing sector (I am an editor of a magazine there), a fashion community, an arts community, and also a PR/Marketing community. The possibilities are endless. CREATIVITY and COLLABORATION is certainly the driving force here.

A lot of creativity and community effort was brought into Second Life and a lot of sharing of ideas has passed on here, enabling people from all works of life to commune and collaborate. Something like this is incredibly powerful, and I hope someone like you can see this, learn to utilize it, and capitalize on it.

With this in mind, I hope that as CEO, you will take LL into a much better place in which non-techies can understand, there are a lot of areas in which people who are not familiar with SL can really learn in order for them to understand it. I hope with your expertise you can turn SL around and make it easier for them to understand so they can no longer stereotype the virtual world as a place where geeks and people with no real lives engage in. Perhaps that is the most difficult task yet.

May you be the bridge that connects SL to the real world.


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