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sl’s fascinating people

June 28, 2008

The best part of SL’s landscape are the people/avatars. Depending on how you see them, whether they are avatars totally different from one’s real life personality or an extension of real people, the residents of Second Life are an interesting, eclectic, and sociable bunch by far. I have been lucky enough in my more than one year stay in SL to have found plenty of people willing to share their lives with me, may it be a small part in the metaverse that is SL, or otherwise.

Such people who choose to be active in SL tend to have great stories behind them, and they add to the uniqueness of the race, which may be different in race, gender, class, and values, yet united in one platform: Second Life. I’ve read their blogs, talked to them, interviewed them, and made friends with them. I love the way they make my Second Life meaningful and thought-provoking, and I certainly want to meet more of them, as I am sure they will add to the experience that I am having with this metaverse.

May I be able to give justice to their life story.


The Scene, 1st Episode taping

June 16, 2008

I have been at work with this side project, which is a show called The Scene. It is a tv show set in Second Life that will feature people, places, events fashion, and lifestyle in the metaverse and beyond. Think Today Show for SL and Virtual Worlds. There is no other show like it!

So for this first episode I am organizing a mini-concert/interview with RL/SL band SPACE JUNKY. They have been recently featured in CNN and is using SL as a way to reproduce their music and make new fans. In RL, the members of SPACE JUNKY has worked with the likes of Kylie Minogue, Reba McIntyre, etc.

Be a part of The Scene virtual audience by participating in the taping to be held at SPACE JUNKY’s own sim. You are all invited to watch the performance and be an audience to the newest show to hit SL media! This momentous event will be on TUESDAY, 3PM SLT.

I will be hosting the show and keeping you tabs with the people, places and events throughout the metaverse and beyond! We guarantee a fun and informative show for you!

Please come at Shangria, Space Junky’s HQ for a cosmic time!

For more info about Space Junky, visit:


Evolving event planning in SL

June 14, 2008

The more I got exposed to SL, the better my perception becomes of events in SL. In my over one year of residence in Second Life, I’ve learned that there are more to events than the club-sponsored events and “Best in Leather” contest. SL is so much richer and much more interactive when one takes advantage of the possibilities for events in world, for if you want to, doors to fun, networking, and learning can open if one can look beyond contests, themed events and hooing.

However, even the best events can be ruined by the best of organizers, and this is an interesting article that can tell you so, and how. However, if you will find that the 10th rule (Don’t send audiences away) is contested by some, and they have a point.

I daresay further that rule # 10 is something inevitable as well, due to technical issues that SL is prone to have whenever a sim is full. Items won’t rezz, people refuse to adjust their ARC for the sake of other people’s proper experience of SL, internet issues, etc. Turning people away by setting access limits and organizing multi-sim simulcast is only a proper and fair protocol in order for everyone to enjoy and participate in the event.

Those who are new to Second Life will find that a bit weird at first, but once they know the rationale behind it, they will understand. No matter how you organize an event in SL, recognize the power that it can have to reach people from all over the globe.

I find the article very encouraging, representing the very kind of evolution that Second Life is experiencing nowadays to something better and more organized. Yet at the same time, this poses a challenge to LL, for it is becoming more urgent than ever to set SL straight to pave way for the new wave of residents, one that interacts, thinks and engages from an RL perspective, and not just from an SL one.

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When will we have our own place?

June 12, 2008

The Filipino girls waving the flag, I\'m at the left.

This question was raised all the time today when we had a mini gathering and flag waving to commemorate Philippine Independence Day (June 12).

Filipinos in SL are a scattered group, located all over the world, and it ought to be a great idea to have a gathering place for all Filipinos in SL. If the Italians, Greeks, Australians and Brazilians have their own sim, why can’t we Filipinos in SL have ours?

There are many reasons why it would be advantageous to have our own SIM in SL.

  1. This will definitely unite us as a community in SL.
  2. We can effectively and inexpensively promote our unique culture.
  3. We can provide a safe place for new Filipino residents and learn SL among people who can support them.
  4. Having a SIM can promote tourism and interest towards the Philippines, as other people will visit the SIM and discover how fabulous our culture is.

I am not sure why we don’t have a place in SL yet. I can only assume that it is due to the island prices and the tier, but the reasons can be so much more. For starters, there is the issue on what content to put. Then there are some Filipinos don’t want to be Filipino in SL and would prefer to do their own thing. Also there are some people who think that SL is JUST a game, and not an online social network like some articles and news broadcasts would refer to SL. Lastly, there are some people who are not open into the whole idea of an entire group of strangers in RL maintaining a SIM.

These factors can probably be the stumbling block into starting a virtual hangout in SL for Filipinos. If these issues can be worked on, then I am sure we’ll be on our way to having our own SIM.

The solution I can think of is for the government to step up, but I am not sure if the Philippine government is fully aware of the potential of SL for Philippine tourism and communicating to other Filipinos worldwide.