Evolving event planning in SL

June 14, 2008

The more I got exposed to SL, the better my perception becomes of events in SL. In my over one year of residence in Second Life, I’ve learned that there are more to events than the club-sponsored events and “Best in Leather” contest. SL is so much richer and much more interactive when one takes advantage of the possibilities for events in world, for if you want to, doors to fun, networking, and learning can open if one can look beyond contests, themed events and hooing.

However, even the best events can be ruined by the best of organizers, and this is an interesting article that can tell you so, and how. However, if you will find that the 10th rule (Don’t send audiences away) is contested by some, and they have a point.

I daresay further that rule # 10 is something inevitable as well, due to technical issues that SL is prone to have whenever a sim is full. Items won’t rezz, people refuse to adjust their ARC for the sake of other people’s proper experience of SL, internet issues, etc. Turning people away by setting access limits and organizing multi-sim simulcast is only a proper and fair protocol in order for everyone to enjoy and participate in the event.

Those who are new to Second Life will find that a bit weird at first, but once they know the rationale behind it, they will understand. No matter how you organize an event in SL, recognize the power that it can have to reach people from all over the globe.

I find the article very encouraging, representing the very kind of evolution that Second Life is experiencing nowadays to something better and more organized. Yet at the same time, this poses a challenge to LL, for it is becoming more urgent than ever to set SL straight to pave way for the new wave of residents, one that interacts, thinks and engages from an RL perspective, and not just from an SL one.

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