The Scene, 1st Episode taping

June 16, 2008

I have been at work with this side project, which is a show called The Scene. It is a tv show set in Second Life that will feature people, places, events fashion, and lifestyle in the metaverse and beyond. Think Today Show for SL and Virtual Worlds. There is no other show like it!

So for this first episode I am organizing a mini-concert/interview with RL/SL band SPACE JUNKY. They have been recently featured in CNN and is using SL as a way to reproduce their music and make new fans. In RL, the members of SPACE JUNKY has worked with the likes of Kylie Minogue, Reba McIntyre, etc.

Be a part of The Scene virtual audience by participating in the taping to be held at SPACE JUNKY’s own sim. You are all invited to watch the performance and be an audience to the newest show to hit SL media! This momentous event will be on TUESDAY, 3PM SLT.

I will be hosting the show and keeping you tabs with the people, places and events throughout the metaverse and beyond! We guarantee a fun and informative show for you!

Please come at Shangria, Space Junky’s HQ for a cosmic time!

For more info about Space Junky, visit: http://www.spacejunky.com


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