sl’s fascinating people

June 28, 2008

The best part of SL’s landscape are the people/avatars. Depending on how you see them, whether they are avatars totally different from one’s real life personality or an extension of real people, the residents of Second Life are an interesting, eclectic, and sociable bunch by far. I have been lucky enough in my more than one year stay in SL to have found plenty of people willing to share their lives with me, may it be a small part in the metaverse that is SL, or otherwise.

Such people who choose to be active in SL tend to have great stories behind them, and they add to the uniqueness of the race, which may be different in race, gender, class, and values, yet united in one platform: Second Life. I’ve read their blogs, talked to them, interviewed them, and made friends with them. I love the way they make my Second Life meaningful and thought-provoking, and I certainly want to meet more of them, as I am sure they will add to the experience that I am having with this metaverse.

May I be able to give justice to their life story.


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