crazy chaos called murphy’s law

July 4, 2008

This month has been pretty rough, I was forced to use a laptop that runs on Windows Vista and it does not run well with the laptop’s current specs. My graphics card continues to crash when I am on SL, and my internet is misbehaving again because of the rainy weather.

This meant being behind WAY behind schedule once again with the magazine, and it also meant not being able to teleport anywhere much because once my graphics card tries to rezz everything, it will crash again. Web updates will be scarce too, but thankfully, I can always write my blog posts in Word.

Anyway, having updated you all with the latest, here I am pondering on the latest post, which attempted to quell theories of what Mitch Kapor, one of SL’s board of directors, will be saying on his closing speech for SL5B. It instead created some more chaos, all due to the usage of the word “disruptive”. The word was part of a terminology introduced by Clayton M. Christensen, which is called disruptive technology.

To summarize the Wiki definition in few words, the term refers to certain technology that introduces radical changes in the way we usually do things. For instance, photography used to be done with this clunky, boxy device called a camera that you will have to load film in, but now, digital cameras are common.

Just earlier, before leaving for work I was lightly wtching Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and there was a scene in which an old-school camera was used, and I was thinking:

“What if children today see this movie and ask how it works?” I’m sure they will be seeing it as something else, as they have not experienced the evolution of the camera the way we did, and considering how old cameras used to work compared to how digicams now work, the evolution is pretty much quick.

So now, as of SL5B’s closing ceremony, the virtual world we both love and hate with the same passion will now be the disruptive technology of the web?

Having asked that, I posted this long reply and more speculation on what the terms meant:

Ok, having digested the term’s definition over and over, and reading the post again, its seems that some posts here are out of whack and their understanding of the post is inaccurate.

For me, my hope that they are now coining SL as a disruptive technology means that they will be doing more to project their position as the replacement to 2D internet. My understanding that SL will be defined as THE technology to replace 2D internet, and this is based on analyzing the table in the wiki entry that lists examples of items considered to be “disruptive”, which are mostly the items we commonly use today.

So does this mean they will be centering their tasks to the purpose of being able to replace the current internet with SL in the next years? Does that mean more efforts to stabilize the grid? Simplify the UI some more? Introduce more features akin to social networking sites?

Looks like the speculation hasn’t quelled for me at least, and more questions remain, and I am yet excited and hopeful on one hand, nervous and wary on the next.

I hope my faith in LL won’t be in vain.


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