Eshi’s Lotuses achieves visual Nirvana

July 23, 2008

Eshi Otawara (Monday 21 July 2008) from ZoeConnolly on Vimeo.

There are some things you really cannot create in the physical universe but in an alternate reality where the mind and heart has a playground, uninterrupted by prejudices, limitations, and disability..:)

Yesterday, Eshi Otawara did a magnificent, nirvana-inducing, beautiful replica of lotuses in Second Life. The video above is a beautiful attempt to immortalize and capture Eshi’s works before she decides to take them all out. She did this in an hour, and in real life is an artist. She has been doing One-hour sim projects, changing everything everyday, until this particular day when she decided to keep the lotuses. Video is by Zoe Connolly, virtual world aviatrix.

Met lots of interesting people in Desperado, where the giant lotuses were blossoming, and heard and talked a lot about possibilities in Second Life. It is amazing when people get together to admire something and then discuss what else that needs to be done, what are yet to be explored, etc. The spirits of creativity, collaboration, appreciation, peace, and calmness lingered in whole build during that particular day, and it was special.

This was a special day in Second Life.


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