Rez Town brings The Sims Online to SL

September 11, 2008

I never really bring this up until now, but my RL used to make up playing The Sims and The Sims 2. I have heard of The Sims Online, but I never got to try it until I’m already deep into into Second Life months ago and discovered that TSO has become more accessible through becoming EA Land.

So I logged in EA Land, tried it three times and concluded I’ve become way too spoiled by SL.

Graphics-wise, they could have done better if they used the same graphics technology EA Games used for The Sims 2. I’ve always found the UI in both SIMS games easy, so that’s a great bonus for them, but the limitations in game, like not being able to create content freely, has become a bane to the game’s longevity. People needed more to do than just socialize and make sure all their needs are green, so as other games started to come up showing more promise, people left, and EA Land failed to attract people in, and ultimately closed down.

But people who used to play TSO and are now in Second Life really miss the game. I don’t blame them, for Will Wright, the game’s creator, who also happens to be the creator of Spore, has a goldmine of a concept. Its just that EA Games failed to see what else can be done for TSO, and Yo Brewster, former TSO player and a very active SL resident saw opportunity to recreate the game in SL. Thus, Rez Town is born.

Rez Town in SL is essentially a role-playing game mimicking the TSO environment. Like many role-playing sims, they also have  a HUD that monitors your needs, but like The Sims, each object has the capability of increasing the avatar’s skill in something. One can paint, create and socialize in order to keep their needs in the green.

Rez Town has tokens, and this constitutes as their currency within the sim. One can earn tokens by selling their painting (the more skill, the more value your painting), organize events, creating content, and selling them. In a nutshell, TSO meets SL, but can it actually be successful? One will find out.


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