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Things are not what they seem

October 29, 2008

I’m sure plenty of us already know that something really unsavory has happened, and it will be a long while for Linden to stand up and recover from this blow. At first glance, it’s easy to see the outer layer of anger and disgust at what our beloved company that brought Second Life has done.

When I first found out of Jack Linden’s decision to increase Openspaces rates, I was livid like the rest. I find out Eshi won’t be able to afford to create her magnificent art in Desperado due to this move, and I also read of the rest who won’t be able to build anymore because of this. At the onset, doing this will be a big mistake.

However, this turn of events is like an onion, once sliced and diced, it brings tears to the one holding the knife, but as Nexeus Fatale and some few others have said, this change will bring good in the long run. Those whose opinion differ are now unpopular, but objectively, and upon peeling this onion further, they have a point. 

The changes the Lab has brought upon us is very sudden, and well, it touches our very emotions, as we certainly love Second Life. It’s hard to be rational at the start when SL is such an emotional and creative experience for everyone, and when you get caught up when people build their dreams in SL, you begin to dream with them. You start to build roots in this really magnificent virtual world, but sooner or later, that dream can soon be created out of SL, and you can bet that LL will make sure that they are still the innovators behind it. 

My friend gave a really succinct explanation to analyze Linden’s move, and it made me see the motives behind the decision better. He said that LL is not in the gaming business or is in the virtual world business, and that is the error of our perception. According to him, most people, me included,  are not in the know that LL is actually pushing itself towards the business of being a DATA CENTER.

It really does make sense, for why are they also pushing ahead teleportation to other virtual worlds? Why do they want to open source the server code? Heck, why did they create Immersive Spaces with Rivers Run Red? If Second Life is one big game to them, and they aspire to be as great as WoW’s Blizzard, they should not have desire to open source the server code. 

This is the start. 

Linden Research has given us Second Life, the experience, the dream, the beauty, the hype. They gave us a great way to interact and create a world. They may not be the first one to create a virtual world, but they certainly are the first to create something like Second Life. Philip Rosedale is an innovator, and the company is moving towards releasing their baby into the wild. Second Life is no longer their game to manage, it will be ours eventually. Like in the 2d internet world, Linden Research will be running like a webserver, something like Geocities. Indeed, LL is often compared to AOL, and that comparison is most accurate, because once again, LL IS NOT A GAMING COMPANY. Their business is into selling spaces (land) to put our data (prims). 

Things are not what they seem, and after the pain and tears of slicing through the onion, the recipe for cooking up OUR OWN VIRTUAL WORLD is set. However, can LL make the pain and tears less? Perhaps with this jira they will find a way.


Sending objects made easy with The Deliverator!

October 15, 2008


Jacek Antonelli's The Deliverator

Jacek Antonelli

Jacek Antonelli, whose Plurk timeline I have been following ever since I joined Plurk has invented a nifty object delivery system that makes manually sendding objects and notecards ONE BY ONE to people in your friends list a thing of the past. It’s called The Deliverator.


According to her blog, Antonelli points out the advantages of her product. As always, she has enough foresight to realize that her invention will be used for abuse, and promptly says that those who take advantage of it are subject to SL’s ToS. 

Upon hearing its release, I immediately bought myself one, tested it and found it to be REALLY helpful. It is a time-saving way to send your objects and notecards. I recommend it to anyone who always sends items to many people. I anticipate The Deliverator to really help me reach everyone at AVENUE Magazine better, for sometimes group notices don’t deliver my announcements and items properly to the the people involved. As long as the group notice system continues to perform inefficiently, I can use her object as my backup. 

Jacek Antonelli has always been great with scripts, and her creative use of it can be seen in her objects being sold in Cuddefish Junction. Recently, she has took on a huge project–that of creating an alternative Second Life viewer. She dubs this viewer, The Imprudence Viewer, and one read on the manifesto shows why the viewer is called Imprudence. 

I fully support her and other people participating in making our Second Life easier. Please support her endeavors to make a viewer that is easy and convenient to use by EVERYBODY. Visit her forums and make suggestions, and if you are good with code, volunteer your skills! Everybody should do their part to make THEIR Second Life easier and better!


AVENUE Magazine Launches!

October 2, 2008

Oct 1 marked the debut of AVENUE Inc’s fashion and lifestyle magazine. Featuring Stiletto Moody, Torley Linden, Dousa Dragonash of MBC News, SL events, places, and more…AVENUE Magazine brings to you superb visuals and writing about what we love in SL. 

Please come over to our headquarters to get the inworld edition. Look for the beautiful glowing vendor!

For the web edition, you can go to:

I am very happy to be part of AVENUE Inc, and to be the magazine’s Managing Editor. We hope that AVENUE Magazine will be part of your SL reading leisure, and that you will look forward to our every issue. We likewise look forward to bringing SL to you! 🙂 

We hope you enjoy the magazine!