December 18, 2008

It’s been a while since I joined in on a hunt, and I needed to document my hunts for my articles for AVENUE Magazine, so here I am taking photos of my early finds. 
I rediscovered Sioxie Legend, a designer who once in a while used to help me with my defunct magazine while doing the PEACE ON EARTH hunt. This hunt has over 400 participants. She made this dress, a prize for the PEACE ON EARTH hunt.
I am wearing Belleza’s skin, a participant on the PEACE ON EARTH hunt. I’ve always thought Belleza has elegant skins, timeless yet chic, and this one is no exemption. 
The only thing that was not free in this picture is the lovely pair of shoes by Stiletto Moody. This revolutionary pair of shoes is called BARE, and it consists of realistic toes and ankles made of sculpted prims. As usual, the shoes come with Stiletto’s trademark walking sound, a selection of nail polish for your pretty toenails, and 2 rings to choose from to adorn one of your toes. It is also has an intelligent system that will help you blend the skin of your new feet to match your skin’s color. Nifty huh?

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