ROAM: Rezzable’s King Tut

May 3, 2009

Rezzable’s Digital Alchemy earlier of this year was a first step in recreating ancient Egypt in Second Life, allowing content creators to showcase their creativity and be challenged in creating items according to the aesthetic theme of the civilization.

Today, another phase was introduced in this endeavor through King Tut’s tomb, and it was a grand spectacle of gorgeously rezzed prims and textures. The experience starts off as a virtual museum, complete with audio tour that speaks of Egypt’s past. One is rezzed on a landing point, with a map of Egypt during its ancient times laid out on the ground.

There are four audio recordings that you can listen to before moving on to the next site, the excavated ruins of King Tut’s tomb. A quick look around gives you the feeling of adventure and anticipation towards the mysterious.

Inside, the ancient mysteries of King Tut is unveiled, and this is where one can see the talents of the content creators bloom, showcasing amazingly detailed primwork on Egypt’s ancient items. One can tell how dedicated to the details the creators were by looking closely at the items being showcased in the museum.

This virtual museum in Second Life took about two months to complete, a huge feat with really excellent visuals. It is an entertaining and educational place of art, fashion and culture. A must see.


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  1. Thank for that nice review! :)Vint

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