Isadora’s the first name of a famous dancer in history, Isadora Duncan. I love to dance in Second Life. It is fun when with groups, romantic with the right SL man, and surreal in some places. It also means “gift of Isis”. Fiddlesticks is something you say in place of a swear word, but the word itself comes from an old American musical tradition where one person would play a fiddle, and another would beat on it with thin wooden sticks. I happen to love music too and I am trying to catch as much SL concerts as I can.Join me as I embark on a ride throughout SL. I also love to take photos in SL, I am not the best yet, though. My preferred subjects are landscapes, and I never waste an opportunity to practice on myself like everyone else does.

I hope to relate my adventures and misadventures online in this blog, in the hopes that you will be entertained, think, and reflect on what it means to be in Second Life. I also plan on sharing my photos too, my current activities and insights from the work that I do which is write about people and places in Second Life.

SL has its shares of ups and downs, and I sure am trying my best to document those in this blog. I am generally myself and I don’t pretend to be someone else here in SL. I tend to treat this as my life’s extension, so most of the things I do and say in SL most often reflects who I am as a person. I value collaboration in SL, and I relish the best collaborations that I have been lucky enough to be involved in.

Love life in SL lately has been tricky, for it’s a rare thing to find a steady person in SL, when almost everyone in SL is flaky, so I don’t really look for a love life in SL but if it happens, it happens. No rush, no fuss.


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