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virtual writings: AVENUE Magazine AUGUST 2012

August 13, 2012

It’s nice to be writing for AVENUE Magazine again. I have sentimental ties with this magazine because I helped start it and I was part of the growing pains until I had to take a step back and handle Real Life. Working for the magazine has enabled me to see more than the usual things to see in Second Life. When you get around to it, Second Life features a myriad of things to do, interesting people to meet, places worth seeing, and events worth going to.

Who wouldn’t ache to come back despite of it all?

I did.

So anyway, here’s the latest issue of AVENUE Magazine. I have written three articles this month:

COVER STORY: Sisters with Style (Kungler’s)

My pleasure, Ava and Barb!

Open publication – Free publishingMore art screamer

ARTS FEATURE: Art the Tart Way

The gallery is such a treat for the eyes, thanks, Byrne!

Open publication – Free publishingMore art screamer

ARTS Feature: Letting Art Scream

Thank you Chestnut! We hope to feature more of the artists you will be featuring in your group sim in later articles. 


AVENUE Magazine’s 2nd issue now out!

November 4, 2008

Hello everyone! With Halloween shenanigans temporarily distracting us and with the deluge of parties, events and other happenings for October, we got so much in our plates we had difficulty trying to squeeze everything into this one issue!

As Managing Editor of AVENUE Magazine, Second Life’s newest and most comprehensive magazine about Fashion, Lifestyle and the Arts, we are proud to release our 2nd issue!

Featuring Sissy Pessoa of Biastice, eDreams Factory newest sim–Golgothica, Burning Life 2008 interview with Poid Mahlovich and Katt Linden featuring the awesome photography of SL’s best photographers who were able to get the best snapshots of BL’s best art installations!

More in this issue:

Talk Show–SL Style
Artist of the Month: Ravanelle Zugzwang
Model of the Month: EmmZ Tzara
Cirque D’ Ego

Click here for the web edition! ENJOY!