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shopping galore with my market truths reward money :)

August 28, 2012

 I am so glad I remembered to complete the Market Truths survey this month! I had been drooling over a lot of items the past couple of weeks, and I was looking to destress following my real life crisis.

So here are the goods:

dress: [[LD]] Major: Mellow Peplum Dress (Fashion Limited), 
jewelry: *ByKay* for caLLie cLine -Ocean Dream Earrings and Solitaire ring 
 (My Second Box for August)
hair: D!va Hair, Marie
(group gift from D!va)

dress: :V.e. Baroque Shell Dress Blues
hair: [e] Thrive – Brown
both items are from COLLA3OR88
jewelry are old releases from Paper Couture

Both looks are classy and sophisticated, and it was easy to match them up with freebies and older inventory items. It was just a matter of patience to browse through my cluttered inventory! It did take a while since I haven’t been keeping tabs with my inventory’s contents for a long time. 

But that’s not all I shopped using the reward Lindens…I bought myself a new kitchen for my house! It is really modern and cozy, and I like that it comes in a low prim and regular versions, with adult and PG poses as well:

Nelle kitchen, ~BAZAR~

So with that, my shopping addiction was momentarily satiated… šŸ™‚

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AVENUE Magazine APRIL 2011

May 17, 2011

Another month, another article by me from AVENUE Magazine . I love the front cover as it epitomizes Spring. Awesome work!

I really love contributing to AVENUE Magazine. I helped start this magazine two years ago, and it has been an amazing experience and a real thrill. Writing, interviewing and searching for content fuels my interest and passion for this virtual world called Second Life that helped me rediscover my passion for writing, stunning visuals, arts, and the digital society.

It’s a little sad that I get to devote my time less to my baby, when I would work on this so much before, I now work on it less, and if I am really busy, not at all. Ever since I started venturing out on my own and living as I want in the real world, I’ve slacked off a bit on my contributions, and my heart aches each time. I miss the Skype sessions with the editorial team, vetting the articles, twiddling with Photoshop and InDesign (which I still know so little compared to the living geniuses that is the layout team) and looking through the layout. 

Nowadays I feel like a fish out of its fishbowl. AVENUE Magazine had been my fishbowl for the longest time, and now I witness it grow and expand, with a little help from me, into a thriving, artsy, intelligent magazine that I’ve always wanted it to be. 

We’ve got an amazing staff–from the editorial team, to the writers, photographers and the guest contributors. We have our doors open for suggestions from staff, giving us more eyes and ears on the grid when my eyes and ears are not so attuned due to RL. I will always be grateful for the chance that was given to me by Rusch Raymaker, and to the editorial staff, who has to put up with my inconsistencies lately.

To my AVENUE family, please bear with me as I grapple real life with its horns. Thank you so much. 

$GaNKeD$ All that Jazz with my old Last Call Outfit

March 13, 2010

I don’t usually get review copies, nor blog a lot. Imagine my surprise when I got a pack from $GaNKeD$ designer Misty Merryman’s lovely designs for GIA’s Accessories Fair. I’ve already seen several reviews for $GaNKeD$’s other offerings, and with what I’ve seen, these accessories contributes a unique and eclectic facet to a wardrobe. 

In this blog however, I chose one of $GaNKeD$’s necklaces to complement a really old but very wonderfully made outfit by the original designer of Last Call, Ginny Talamasca. The Aida dress is one of the oldest items in my inventory, a particular favorite of mine, which goes well with my hair, Exile’s the Aphrodite, a purchase from last year’s Hair Affair. The hair is a fabulous updo with enough hair sweeping elegantly to the sides that makes it very flattering  and elegant to wear.

What you see me wearing is the All that Jazz Necklace, a cute necklace adorned with ribbons and shimmery balls that adds glamor to what could have been a plain outfit. The All That Jazz necklace adds to the girlishness of this outfit, with its ribbons complementing the lace and the delicate texturing of the outfit.

I also got myself a new pair of eyes. It seems that I have been wearing Miriel far too long already, and upon reading many blogs about Poetic Color, I gathered up enough courage to go buy a pair.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and by golly, these pair of eyes epitomizes the saying to the letter. Delightfully realistic and soulful, these eyes are very reflective and wonderfully deep, one could easily get lost in them.

Not in the picture, but the shoes I chose to wear all this with is the AOHARU Walk Suede Laceup sandals in white.

By the way, GIA’s Accessories Fair will run until March 27, 2010. You can find all the participating stores here and here. This event will benefit the Relay for Life in SL by the American Cancer Society.


Penny pinching has its rewards :)

November 21, 2009
Sometimes cleaning your inventory and avoiding shopping for a couple of weeks can be rewarding because of the new outfits you end up putting together in order to have something “new” to wear. I know for most of you this is already passe, but combining new and old items is a new thrill for me lately. Putting together outfits is not something I usually do, being someone who prefers ready-made outfits pulled together for you to click and wear.
Nowadays its different, I am penny pinching in RL and earning for insurance and a health plan. So I left (in tears and sadness) Costa Rica Sims and moved to Chinle Island, then now settling in a comfy 1024sqm in a mainland sim with a really nice landlady.
Penny pinching in SL is definitely something I got used to and I intend to keep to this lifestyle, and perhaps someday, I’ll be back with my own parcel somewhere in Costa Rica.
Anyway, back to the outfit:
I was looking for something really elegant, but not too formal. A classic silhouette, sexy, but not too revealing…well, except for the cleavage…;)             
The hair is Maitreya’s Aisha, blouse is from Casa Del Shai’s Filipiniana collection, skirt is a newish purchase from Zaara, earrings is from CCD and the shoes is a classic T strap from FNKY!
Skin from League, my usual skin…:)